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Waco, TX

Hours of Operation

Every Day  9 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Delivery Fees

The delivery fee starts at just $10 for the first 20 items*!

Any deliveries OVER 5 MILES from the restaurant to your residence will add an additional $1 per mile charge!

*For up to 30 items, the delivery fee will start at $15 and anything over 40 items will be $20. "Items" are defined as unique and different products, not similar products!

Forms of Payment

We accept all major card brands and are a CARD ONLY service!           

We unfortunately do not accept cash out of safety for our wonderful delivery drivers!

Our drivers will never carry cash but would appreciate a tip for excellent service!

*NOTE: Detailed Instructions on how to create an online shopping list can be found within the Grocery Store's "Emailing Shopping List" item
**NOTE: An initial $15 preauthorization fee will be charged to your card, but will be replaced with the total amount upon delivery.