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Definition: To sic, go get, attack & deliver
Delivering what you need, 7 days a week

2016 and 2017 Awarded by Locals Love Us & The Wacoan

We don't claim to be the best local delivery service, WE A

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Waco, TX

Our delivery fees starts at just $5.00! Depending on location of the restaurant and distance to your house, delivery fees may be subject to distance fees. After the first 5 miles from the restaurant to your house, there is an additional $1 per mile distance fee applied. 

Dont Worry!! You will be able to view your delivery fee before checkout. Keep in mind that delivery fee does not include gratuity for your Sic'em Service Representative.

Sic'em means to attack, go get, pursue... Thats what we do for you and we do it fast!!!

The average delivery time is between 30 and 50 minutes.

Delivery times vary based on traffic, the restaurant's ability to prepare food and weather conditions. Accurate estimates are given to you before checkout. We recommend that large orders be placed at least two hours in advance and catering orders placed one day in advanced.

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Do you own a local business? Even if you are not a restaurant, we can deliver to or for you!

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Corporate & House Account

We also have corporate and house accounts available! They can be set up to allow mutilple users to group order and can be billed weekly or monthly to your account!

Call us at 254-870-5485 to set up a house account

Forms of Payment

Sic'em Delivery accepts all the following forms of payment: Visa, Master Card, American Express, & Discover. + Gift CardsReward Points

Other Pricing & Fees

Menu Pricing is set by the restaurant and may be subject to additional fees. If the price at the restaurant differs from the price at checkout, the order will be adjusted when the Sic'em Delivery Driver purchases the food and inputs the correct total. 

Partnered restaurant's menu prices are the same as in-store and are updated regularly. Non-Partnered restaurants may have items marked-up by up to 25%. All fees are included with your total before checkout.

Deliveries can only be held for a maxiumum of 1 hour, before needing to be discarded, after attempting to contact customer. The customer is responsible for the payment of their order if contact cannot be made and order is unable to be delivered.

Terms of Service

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