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Our Services

Sic'em Delivery is NOT just a food delivery service! Obviously we can bring you lunch, dinner or groceries, but we also have servers to move you around town or even help you around the house; Hey, we can even do your laundry!

We can pick up ANYTHING!! Ok... Well not anything, but almost anything as long as it is a legal item and does not require an age verification.

Just click on the ' We Deliver Everything' Icon below to get started. Then just tell us where to go, what to get, and we will handle the rest!!! 

What will you do with your free time?

Food & Restaurants

Custom Order Anything! 

Drinks & Snacks

Grocery Shopping

Catering & Large Orders

Shopping & Errands

Mail & Courier Services

Moving & Helping Hand

Laundry & Dry Cleaning


Featured Restaurants

The Best Local Places!

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Our Reward Marketplace allows you to redeem for gift cards from places like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, & More!!!!!  Choose a gift card from over 30 store or automatically apply your points to any order on your account.

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We offer gift cards that are redeemable with Sic'em Delivery. It is a perfect gift because we deliver everything!! 

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Do you own a local business? Even if you are not a restaurant, we can deliver to or for you! Get your business on our website, it is as easy as clicking the link below! 

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